Asphalt pavement is composed of an aggregate, sand and asphalt fines (binder). It is essential to maintain the binder by applying a seal, known as seal coat. Rain, snow, ice, UV rays, sand, small gravel and chemicals can rapidly increase the deterioration of these fines. Seal coating will not only protects your asphalt but will also improve the curb appeal of your property. Parking lots that receive regular applications of seal coat will greatly extend the life of the asphalt fines and save you money. 

PLR can apply all types of emulsion material. From industry standard "Asphalt Emulsion," which is resistant to various solvents, TRMSS (Tire Rubber Modified Surface Seal), that is an emulsion blended with recycled tire rubber for superior U.V. protection, flexibility, adhesion, durability and color retention, or if desired, PLR can apply a hybrid product as well.

 Seal Coat


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