Crack Sealant

Crack seal is a highly necessary process that has the potential to extend the life of your parking lot and other asphalt surfaces if applied properly and in time. From the day asphalt is laid it begins to shrink in size. This shrinking in conjunction with natural movement and the weight of traffic will cause cracks to form in the asphalt. If maintained on a regular schedule you can increase the life of your asphalt preventing costly paving repairs such as overlays, patching, new asphalt installation or pothole repairs. In order to seal cracks, PLR removes the debris from cracks using picks, brooms and/or high powered blowers to ensure maximum adherence. Cracks will then be sealed with the industry leading hot rubberized sealant. Crack sealing is usually applied in conjunction with seal coat. PLR suggest cutting out and patching cracks larger than 2". We use CRAFCO Polyflex III as a standard material to seal cracks. 

Seal Coat

Asphalt pavement is comprised of aggregate, sand and asphalt fines (binder). It is essential to maintain the asphalt fines by applying a seal, known as seal coat. Rain, snow, ice, UV rays, sand, small gravel and chemicals can rapidly increase the deterioration of these asphalt fines. Seal coating will not only protect your asphalt but will also improve the curb appeal of your property. Parking lots and other asphalt surfaces that receive regular applications of seal coat will greatly extend the life of the asphalt fines and save you money. Seal coating is recommended by the manufacturer's to be applied approximately every 3-5 years depending on traffic.

Asphalt Patch and Repairs

Patching asphalt is performed on damaged asphalt that has significant deterioration or has reached complete failure such as potholes or severe "gatoring". PLR will repair the asphalt by cutting out the affected asphalt, remove the asphalt and then PLR will prep the hole for new asphalt by applying asphalt binder (tac-coat) to the edges of the hole and applying the new asphalt. This hole will then be compacted with rollers or plate compacters to ensure proper compaction rates. This same method applies for potholes. PLR may determine that potholes and other patches may need additional base material to re-enforce the new asphalt.

Asphalt Paving/Overlays

NEW ASPHALT PAVING: Asphalt installation should be applied to a graded base. Due to the soft and constant moving soil we deal with in the west, a sand/aggregate base (base course) is used to strengthen and support the asphalt. 

OVERLAY: An asphalt overlay is the installation of a layer hot mix asphalt to the existing asphalt surface. Pavement that have large areas of failure (alligatored cracks), but is structurally sound is ideal for asphalt overlay. The existing asphalt must be prepped and repaired before the overlay can be installed. These repairs can include, crack repair, pothole and patch repair. After the necessary repairs have been made tack coat is applied to maximize adhesion of the new asphalt to the old asphalt. The new asphalt is laid down and compacted, usually at 1 1/2" to 2". Asphalt overlays are cost efficient and provide a fresh, new surface for tenants and traffic. 


Parking lot striping is usually the final step in bringing asphalt parking lots to life. They serve an important function for parking and provide an aesthetical look. New parking lot layouts can be provided upon request, however, PLR uses the previous parking lot layout. 



PLR was established in July of 2009. We are locals of Albuquerque, NM and are a family run business. Due to our high standard of quality, we have grown into a full-service asphalt provider in just a few short years. We specialize in seal coating, asphalt paving, overlays, crack repair, asphalt patching, pothole repair and striping. As native New Mexicans we understand the challenges and conditions that are associated with asphalt in the Southwest. Our goal is to meet your asphalt needs by providing quality asphalt work through good communication, products and services. 

David Sego/ Owner
Peyton Sego/Sales
Jason Sego/Ops

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